Barcode and Labelling Solutions

Barcode & Labelling Solutions

In laboratories, reliably labelling sample containers is not just an option. Samples, reagents and preparations are used worldwide in patient diagnostics and in clinical, biotechnical, pharmaceutical and academic research. For these, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) demands quality labels that can be processed by machines. For fast and reliable analyses, and for reasons of traceability, identities, manufacturing and expiration data must remain legible during processing and long-term storage. Data may include specific codes, unique serial numbers and dual colour pictograms. Personal data must be kept private.

LabLogica provides custom barcode labelling solutions and any and all laboratory labelling equipment, together with our partner Brady. Even if your processes are unique to your organisation, we can support you with high-quality labels that can be customised fully. Both standard and custom labels can be printed or finalised in your laboratory with our reliable thermal transfer printers that can easily create human-readables as well as 1D and 2D barcodes. We even offer automated print and apply solutions so your researchers can fully focus on their core activities.

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We label your tubes and vials with barcodes, your logo, sequence, 2D, 1D or human-readable code. Completely customised.

One supplier, all labelling solutions.

LabLogica is a one-stop shop partner for easily traceable laboratory sample containers. We can save any laboratory a lot of time in their procurement process because we can source vials and tubes from any brand or supplier, and the identification solutions to label them all.

Printer equipment

Permanent imprint

Thermal transfer printers enable printable resolutions of 600 dpi, high contrast and sharp-edge imprints even in marginal areas. This enables tiny fonts to be human-readable, and tiny barcodes to be read by scanners. Comprehensive research in terms of time and costs, limitations in patient care or delays in medical development and production are reduced to a minimum. Thermal printing does not require time to dry, and allows any number of labels to be printed non-stop and rewound on rolls.

Imprints remain clearly legible when exposed to mechanical influences, water or solvents. Steam pressure sterilization, sample storage at -196°C, as well as dyeing processes do not damage the print, or peel the label off its sample container.
Labels and ink ribbons recommended for lab processes are tested for all common resistances. Label surfaces are optimized for thermal transfer, roll diameters and cores perfectly fit cab printers, and so does the winding.

LabLogica offers the Brady Printer i7100 series for vial and tube labelling.

To evaluate analyses in laboratories reliably and quickly, tubes must have a unique identifier. In practice, 2D-codes or linear barcodes are printed on self-adhesive labels and the labels are applied on the tubes. Print resolutions of 300 or 600 dpi, a sharp-edge print image and high contrast enable even tiny 2D codes to be verified.

BradyPrinter i7100 with Vial Applicator kit

The BradyPrinter i7100 is perfectly suited for manually labelling a single tube and for automatically labelling large volumes of tubes when combined with the Vial Applicator kit. The kit enables users to simply insert a common size tube or vial to get it labelled after tapping a touchscreen icon.

- easily label vials and tubes with 10 to 20 mm diameter
- insert capped or uncapped tubes
- quickly and reliably print and apply unique labels in less than two seconds
- printed vials and tubes are ejected into a tray or removed manually
- easily replace label roll and ink ribbon
- fully focus on core activities by minimizing sample identification labor
- fully integrate with your current workflow and LMS system
- print linear or 2D barcodes
- stay in control of your budget with this affordable system
- vial applicator pays for itself after approximately 100 hours of use

With the Brady Printer i7100 and the Vial Applicator kit, you have everything you need to automate your vial identification!

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Reliable sample container labels

LabLogica can supply and help select the optimal label for your application to safeguard sample traceability.

Together with our partner Brady, we rely on science, particularly extensive material knowledge and chemical expertise, to offer reliable labels that perform throughout sample storage and processing.

Our extensive sample identification label portfolio includes pressure-sensitive labels that are:
- budget friendly
- reliable
- extreme temperature resistant (-196°C to 121°C)
- chemical resistant (DMSO, methanol, acetone, IPA)
- printable with QR, 2D, linear, text and human-readable data.

Together with you, we will find the optimal labels for your needs, including label performance, color, size and price requirements.

From reliable sample container labels, to supporting high-volume sample identification automation, LabLogica is your partner of choice.

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