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LabLogica SetGo

In laboratories, reliably labelling sample containers is not just an option. Samples, reagents and preparations are used worldwide in patient diagnostics and in clinical, biotechnical, pharmaceutical and academic research. For these, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) demands quality labels that can be processed by machines. For fast and reliable analyses, and for reasons of traceability, identities, manufacturing and expiration data must remain legible during processing and long-term storage. Data may include specific codes, unique serial numbers and dual colour pictograms. Personal data must be kept private.

LabLogica provides custom barcode labelling solutions and any and all laboratory labelling equipment, together with our partner Brady. Even if your processes are unique to your organisation, we can support you with high-quality labels that can be customised fully. Both standard and custom labels can be printed or finalised in your laboratory with our reliable thermal transfer printers that can easily create human-readables as well as 1D and 2D barcodes. We even offer automated print and apply solutions so your researchers can fully focus on their core activities.